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Kathy Marks has become General Counsel to the New York State Department of Health. WWBA congratulates Kathy on this terrific appointment, and we wish her well.

Lisa Margaret Smith was awarded the Woman of the Year honor by the Mite Society of the South Salem Presbyterian Church, which is believed to be the oldest continually operating women’s church society in the United States. The Mite Society was founded as the “Female Charitable Society of South Salem New York” on November 14, 1815. The Society’s name is based on the story of the widow’s mite (Luke 21:1-4), reflecting the fact that its early members set aside pennies from their household allowances to pay their dues. Even now, in 2020, dues are a minimum of one penny per week, and all are invited to be members, regardless of gender.

In anticipation of the holiday season, Susan L. Pollet, former WWBA President, published her first illustrated children’s book, entitled “Juliette Rose’s Dream of Becoming,” which is available on Amazon. The book is for children of all ages and the adults who love them. It provides a wish list of human traits-embodied by famous women in different fields – which make for exemplary human beings. Juliette strives to grow up to have these qualities, but, ultimately, she wants to accept herself as she becomes, with self-love, and love for her family and the world community. The illustrations show each of these women with visual representations of the corresponding traits.

Interview of the Month

An Interview with 
Andrea B. Friedman

Susan L. Pollet

Chair of the Archive and Historian Committee

Q: When and why did you become involved in the WWBA?

A: I became involved in the WWBA in 2016 when I moved to Westchester from Manhattan with my husband.  New to the area (despite having had some cases in the county previously), I felt it would be great opportunity to meet the members of the Westchester bar and community.  I was warmly welcomed with open arms.

Q: Which WWBA activities have you participated in?

A: After joining the WWBA, I was invited to assist on the Annual Dinner Committee and join the board of the WWBA.  I have been an Annual Dinner Committee member since 2018 and more specifically co-chair of the annual dinner journal.  I have also recently joined the Matrimonial Committee.  I am part of the WWBA mentor program acting as a mentor to a Pace law student, which is a great program.  I have also attended a number of the social and networking events of the WWBA. 

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President's Message

by Hon. Lisa Margaret Smith

Dear friends, many years from now we will look back at 2020 and wonder how we survived this unusually challenging year.  Somehow we have emerged, and we are now in 2021, looking toward a better year ahead than the one we just lived through.  For those of you who have survived illness, or who have lost loved ones, or who have lost jobs and suffered economic challenges, our hearts and prayers are with you all.  The year ahead is brighter and more hopeful than we could have expected even just a few months ago, with the approval of multiple vaccines, and the prospect that we might see sufficient use of vaccines to allow something akin to normalcy in June, or July, or August of 2021.  As WWBA President I did not anticipate that this year would be spent mostly at my computer, attending Zoom meetings and CLEs or other events virtually, but WWBA has done well thus far, and I have no doubt that we will continue to do well in the coming months.  The next time we gather in person, whether for a Board meeting, a CLE, a social event, or an annual dinner (which might be delayed this year, but we expect that it will happen), we will truly celebrate our emergence from isolation, even if the celebrations include elbow bumps rather than hugs and handshakes! Thank you for continuing to support and engage with WWBA.  I look forward to seeing each one of you in person at some point in the coming year.

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