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Interview of the Month

An Interview with Christine Paska

Susan L. Pollet
Chair of the Archive and Historian Committee

Q: When and why did you become involved in the Westchester Women’s Bar Association?

A: I initially became involved with the Westchester Women’s Bar Association as a 1L at Pace Law School in 2006.  Upon graduation I moved to New York City to begin my legal career so I could not continue my membership.  After moving back to Westchester County and starting a job at the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office in 2021, I rejoined the Westchester Women’s Bar Association to network and develop a sense of community after spending much of the Covid-19 pandemic working from home. 

Q: Which activities and positions of the Westchester Women’s Bar Association have you participated in?

A: Since rejoining the Westchester Women’s Bar Association in 2021 I have been one of the co-chairs of the mentorship committee and I am currently the recording secretary for the 2022-2023 year.

Q: What would you like to see the Westchester Women’s Bar Association accomplish in the future?

A: I would love to see the Westchester Women’s Bar Association continue to increase its membership of both admitted attorneys and law students and for the mentorship program to expand and provide a valuable resource for all those who are interested.  I also hope that in the upcoming year there is a resumption of in person events to allow members to network and celebrate each other’s successes.

Q: Please tell us about your legal career.

A: I began my legal career as an Assistant Corporation Counsel in the Family Court Division of the New York City Law Department in 2009.  In that role I prosecuted juvenile delinquency cases in Bronx County Family Court.  I was a member of both the Major Case Unit and the Special Victims Unit.  I was promoted to Assistant Borough Chief in 2014, and served in that role in both the Brooklyn and Bronx office.  In 2018, I was promoted to the citywide position of Deputy Chief of Training, Special Victims Unit, and I served in that role until I left the Law Department in 2021.  I became an Assistant District Attorney in the Special Prosecutions Division of the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office in 2021.  In July of 2022 I joined Most & Schneid, P.C., as an associate.  I am now handling matrimonial and family law cases. 

Q: What advice do you have for new lawyers entering the profession?

A:  Always say “yes.”  Jump on every opportunity that is presented to you.  Even if the task seems daunting or it makes you nervous.  The best way to learn is by doing.  No one expects you to be perfect and you may make a mistake, but each mistake or misstep is a learning opportunity.  And network!  Attend bar association events, even if you are exhausted after a long day of work.  Develop relationships, find a mentor (even if it is not through a formal program) and do things that may be out of your comfort zone because often times it is those connections that become crucial later in your career. 

Q: How have you balanced family responsibilities and your legal career?

A: That’s a tough one!  I am still working on finding that balance.  It’s really hard to give 100% to your job and your family at the same time.  I have a four-and-a-half-year-old daughter so I really try to be present in the evenings or on the weekends when we are doing things as a family and carve out a separate time to do work.  But it doesn’t always work.  I am lucky to have supportive a husband and I also know that I am modeling a good work ethic for my daughter so that makes the long days or weekends filled with work bearable.

Q: When you are not lawyering, which community activities and other interests do you pursue?

A:  When I am not lawyering or doing all the mom things, I enjoy traveling, reading, being outside, running and riding my Peloton.  I also really enjoy giving back to the community and I am looking forward to having my daughter join me in some upcoming community service projects this fall.

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