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Interview of the Month

An Interview with Susan Simon

Susan L. Pollet
Chair of the Archive and Historian Committee

Q: When and why did you become involved in the WWBA?

A: My involvement in the WWBA started around 1994.  At the time, a respected female lawyer questioned why I thought about joining the WWBA.  She did not believe in the merits of a female oriented organization.  After getting to know some of the WWBA members I decided to join and am glad that I did.  The collegiality and support of the other members has been invaluable.  The diversity of the membership has enriched my legal and personal experience.

Q: Which activities and positions of the WWBA have you participated in?

A: I co-chaired the CLE Committee.  We got the WWBA certified as an accredited New York CLE provider. I still remember the large amount of paperwork that was involved. It also required the efforts of many of our members to conceive of and implement the programs.  It is rewarding to see the large and varied CLE offerings that the WWBA offers its members.

      Over the years I have enjoyed the many meetings and CLEs that I participated in.  The Zoom meetings during COVID have been a good way to stay in touch with others in the profession, to continue to develop knowledge, and to stay current with the changing environment.

Q: What would you like to see the WWBA accomplish in the future?

A: I would like to see the organization continue with its efforts to educate our members; foster networking and cooperation; and to be an influence in legislation.

Q: Please tell us about your legal career?

A: Law is my third career. I was a junior and senior high school math teacher. Then, after obtaining an M.B.A., I pursued a career in corporate marketing and business development.  Working for a regulated company I found I was dealing with a lot of legal issues. I attended law school at night, originally as an enhancement to my corporate career. I found the law to be fascinating and decided to pursue that career.  Practicing law utilizes the skills I developed as an educator, working with people of various cultures, and analysis to solve problems. After law school I worked with some local lawyers and then opened my own practice. I also was an adjunct professor in Mercy College’s paralegal program.  My law practice focuses on trusts and estates, real estate, and small business.  For eighteen years I have also had the honor of serving as Lewisboro Town Justice, which has been interesting and challenging. I believe it is an honor and privilege to be able to serve my community in this way.

Q: What advice do you have for new lawyers entering the profession?

A: Be open-minded about where your career takes you.  Be adventurous and explore multiple areas of practice.  I hope you find at least one area of law that you are passionate about.  It is also important to try to balance work and family and to provide service to your community.

Q: How have you balanced family responsibilities and your legal career?

A: My son was grown when I began my legal career, and we focused on quality time. Dinnertime and weekends were important times to be together. I was fortunate that my husband worked locally, where my corporate career involved domestic and international travel. When traveling, I called home daily.  I also sent picture postcards from various locations.  My son still has many of his tee shirts that I brought him from my travels. We also spent vacations as a family.

Q: When you are not lawyering, which community activities and other interests do you pursue?

A: I serve on the Advisory Board of Mercy College School of Behavioral Sciences and the Lewisboro Land Trust. I enjoy reading, learning new things, and playing golf. Over the years I have held Director and Officer positions in many community and professional organizations including the Lewisboro Library, the Westchester Children’s Association, the Westchester Exceptional Children’s School, and the International Telecommunications Society, and served as President of the Westchester County Magistrate’s Association.

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