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President's Message - November 2017

by Lisa Denig, Esq.

It may be a bit clich√©, but it is difficult not to focus on thankfulness during the month of November.  While we tend to “give thanks” a bit more this month than any other month, numerous research studies have found that having an “attitude of gratitude” can make one feel healthier, stave off depression, build self-esteem, and even result in better sleeping habits. 

      While I generally consider myself an extremely grateful person on a daily basis, quite often I fail to specifically name those people or entities in my life that I appreciate most.  So I am going to get quite personal in this column and thank specifically those people and groups that deserve a little “shout out.” 

      First, I must thank the current officers of the Westchester Women’s Bar Association – Kim Berg, Judge Lisa M. Smith, Amanda Fried, Jennifer Gray, Natanya Briendel, Angela Giannini, and Elizabeth Marcus.  These amazing ladies have been involved in the WWBA for years but they have taken on the challenge of serving as my officers with an enthusiasm and dedication that is hard to describe.  We have committed to meeting for dinner every other month or so, just to brainstorm and discuss what is working and what we can do better, and I look forward to these meetings more than anything else on my calendar.  I would never be able to do this job without their support and creativity.  They are not just a fabulous group of hard-working women, but they are truly my dear friends. 

      I also am extremely grateful for the past presidents and advisors that make up my Executive Committee. When a particularly thorny problem arises, I know that I can shoot out an email to this group and get candid, honest, and thoughtful responses that expertly guide my decision-making.  This group of ladies has an insight into the presidency that can only be gained by serving in this role and I am extremely appreciate of all their wisdom. 

      Likewise, I cannot express how proud I am of our committee chairs and the informative programs that they provide our membership.  Just when I think that we have exhausted every issue, our committee chairs propose a new program or event that is timely and interesting.  They bring in speakers who are experts on the subject and deftly moderate discussion panels that both engage audiences and promote thoughtful dialogue. While the everyday attendee might not realize how much work and effort goes into planning these CLE’s and programs, I certainly do. Running a committee can often be a very thankless and unassuming job  please know that I see your hard work and I am truly grateful.

      Finally, I have to recognize the biggest unsung hero of the WWBA this year, my husband, Jim.  While those of you who attended the Annual Dinner are fully familiar with how “all in” Jim has always been for me, he is certainly raising the bar this year.  Not only does he support my presidency my attending WWBA programs and other events, but he is a key ingredient in helping me work out the details of upcoming programs and he listens quietly when I need to rant about things and people that frustrate me!  He is always willing to pitch in no matter what I ask him to do – he did not blink an eye when I recently told him that we would be working the children’s Halloween parade at church, with him dressed as Charlie Brown and me decked out as Snoopy. His tempered demeanor and thoughtful insights are invaluable and I owe so much of my success in the last seven years to his influence on my life. When I grow up, I want to be Jim Carpiniello….but with hair, of course!   

            Although you may not have a newsletter column in which you can make public your gratitude, consider dropping a short note of thanks to those in your life who may not hear that from you enough.  It is a small gesture that reaps big rewards! 


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