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President's Message - March 2018

by Lisa Denig, Esq.

Of course, it is impossible for me to write this month’s column on anything else but the fact that March is Women’s History Month. Established in 1987 by the U.S. Congress, Women’s History Month gives individuals and organizations an opportunity to focus on the progress women have made in our country and the amazing courage of those trailblazing women who got us to this point. 

      March 8th is International Women’s Day but all month long the National Women’s History Project will celebrate women who fight all forms of discrimination.  The theme is “Nevertheless She Persisted.”  Many exhibits and programs will be open this month in various Westchester County cities, towns and villages and I encourage you to find one that appeals to you (and your daughter? niece? granddaughter?) as a way to celebrate the achievements of women through the years.

      Yet, while we often hear about Susan B. Anthony and Eleanor Roosevelt and other great women from our history, I want to celebrate the amazing women I see every day.  My female colleagues who are smart, tenacious lawyers as well as caring and compassionate mothers to their young children.  Kathy Purdy, who saw the overwhelming need for a food pantry that delivered to homebound clients and so she started her own, Hillside Food Outreach.  The incredibly large group of gymnasts who stood up to tell their stories of sexual assault and ensured that the predator no longer has the opportunity to prey on other girls.  The powerful and gripping voices of the young women (and men) from Parkland, Florida, who refuse to let their leaders and their government remain impotent in the face of another gun tragedy.  The young, single mother at my church who fights daily to secure the services and programs that her child needs and the school resists providing. 

      No, there probably will not be any books written or movies made about these women, yet they deserve the same recognition that we give Susan B. Anthony and Eleanor Roosevelt. Their determination and drive to create a society where they can care for their families or change the system or simply protect and advance the rights of women is just as important as any famous women’s march or speech. 

            To all of you, the WWBA salutes you as an integral part of Women’s History Month.

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