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President's Message - September 2022

by Elizabeth Z. Marcus

As lawyers, many of us if not all of us, have at one point or another had to deliver an opening statement – the at times daunting yet crucial moment to set forth what the case is about; what the evidence will show; and what theme will continue through summation.  As I now deliver to you all my opening statement, I submit Ladies and Gentlemen, that my installation as President of the Westchester Women’s Bar Association is best captured by the adage that to whom much is given, much is required.  Indeed, the overwhelming evidence shows that I have been extremely fortunate to have had tremendous support and encouragement both personally and professionally, and that because so much has been given to me, it is now my responsibility to pay that forward. 

      I am humbled for the opportunity to serve as President of the WWBA, and it is my goal to continue the WWBA’s success by focusing on the value of our membership.  As the youngest person to serve as President of the WWBA, I can speak firsthand to the benefits of being part of such a dynamic organization; how the WWBA invests in and nurtures its members; of the lasting connections that are made; and of the myriad of opportunities that are available to give back – whether it be participating in our thriving mentorship program, co-chairing one of our 50+ committees, hosting Continuing Legal Education programs, organizing networking events, or volunteering at our community outreach programs such as Law Day or Read Across America.  The value of the WWBA is its real-life impact.  We are not just helping ourselves, but our colleagues, other lawyers, and our communities.  This notion that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves making a difference in the world is recognized in the mission of the WWBA – to advance the social, economic and legal status for women through the law while promoting justice for all, regardless of sex; to expand opportunities for women and to raise the level of competence and integrity in the legal profession. 

      My own involvement with the WWBA began when I moved back home to Westchester County after attending the University of Michigan Law School (Go Blue!).  Upon graduating law school and entering the practice of law, I joined the WWBA.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made.  I am fortunate that my career as an attorney has gone hand in hand with my membership and involvement with the WWBA.  I owe a debt of gratitude to all who have taken me under their wings starting with our beloved past president, Lisa M. Denig, all the way through our superb outgoing president, Amanda C. Fried.  This extraordinary organization and its incredible members have given me so much, so it is required of me to give to those who will follow me. 

            I look forward to working with you all in the year ahead and urge you to please join me as we embark together on this journey of paying it forward.  Thank you.

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